PARALIMNI: A 7-month-old baby was brought to the hospital in time, accompanied by a police officer

Life-saving Police intervention to transport a 7-month-old girl to the Hospital

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Immediate response of the members of the Famagusta Police Department to the parents' call for the transfer of their seven-month-old daughter to the Famagusta General Hospital.

Specifically, yesterday at around 22.30pm, during the events of the Flood in the Protaras area and while there was heavy traffic, parents requested the help of the Police to provide assistance in transporting their seven-month-old daughter to the Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni, since he had very high fevers.

A motorcyclist of the ADE Famagusta, immediately and safely accompanied the parents' car to the Hospital. The little girl, after being given medication, was discharged, while the parents thanked the police for their prompt and immediate response.