PARALIMNI: Public Hearing for granting planning permission - Additions, conversions and change of use

Public Hearing for the purpose of examining the application of the Companies Alivela Ltd and Nexelleuce Ltd, which concerns the granting of a planning permission

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The Deviation Study Council announces that a Public Hearing will be held for the purpose of examining the application of Alivela Ltd and Nexelleuce Ltd (AMX / 0480-0481 / 2017), which concerns the granting of a planning permit in derogation of the provisions of the Policy Statement conversions to existing approved organized and residential apartments and change of their use in a hotel with a capacity of 200 rooms, in blocks no. 631 and 551, of F / Fig. 2-297-374, Section 21, in the Municipality of Paralimni, in the Province of Famagusta. The application was submitted based on the provisions of Article 26 (2) and 26 (3) of the Law on Urban Planning and Spatial Planning (Amendment) Law 142 (I) / 99 and the Regulations on Urban Planning and Spatial Planning (Derogations) of 1999 (K.D. P. 309/99).

The Public Hearing, which is a form of public debate and consultation between stakeholders, aims to ensure transparency and democracy in the application process.

The purpose of the hearing is mainly to provide the most complete and accurate information to the Deviation Study Council, so that this body can reach a complete and substantiated recommendation to the Council of Ministers for a final decision.

The Public Hearing is open to the public and will take place on Friday 27/05/2022, at 11.00 am, at the development site, Konnou 7, 5297 Paralimni (tel. No. 99645576). For the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID - 19 disease, the health protocol will be observed (safepass, distances of 2m., Protective mask, antiseptic, etc.). It is noted that, at 10.15 am, a visit to the development site will precede.