PARALIMNI: Rodolfos Rodolfos is impressive once again

The swimmer Rodolfos Rodolfos from Paralimni finished in 7th place with an excellent performance

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The swimmer Rodolfos Rodolfoou (Andreou) finished in 7th place with an excellent performance in the 5km open sea swimming marathon held today in Karteros for the 3rd Coastal Mediterranean Games held in Crete.

Our swimmer competed with the Cyprus National Team in the 3rd Coastal Mediterranean Games. The games were held with complete success, in Heraklion, Crete from September 9 to 16.

Rodolfos competed in the 5.000 meter open sea swim.

The competition was difficult due to the participation of excellent swimmers, with huge experience, participations and distinctions in world championships. Also the weather conditions were not ideal due to the strong wind and swell that preceded it.

It should be noted that our swimmer was one of the youngest competitors in age.

Rodolfos stood his ground in the fight. He swam with the front runners for most of the race, but fell behind in the final sprint mainly due to experience.
The final ranking put him in 7th place with an excellent performance of 57 minutes and 33 seconds.

It should be noted that there are no Records in open sea swimming, due to the different conditions that may prevail from race to race (wind, waves, sea currents, etc.)

Warm congratulations to Rodolfo for the effort he put in not only in the race but also during his hard preparation.

The next stop is the Pan-Cypriot open sea championship and the international Commen cup event on October 7-8 in Larnaca.