Paralimni: The play "3 brothers, 3 apples and a dragon" is coming

All proceeds will be donated to charity and poor families through KEPA

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The Provincial Office of the FOED of Famagusta will organize on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Xenion High School, a performance by the theater group SKINOVATES with the play "3 brothers, 3 apples and a dragon" which is based on the Cypriot fairy tale "The Threefold and the Dragon of Milia".

The performance will be under the auspices of the honorable Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Mrs. Athena Michailidou.

The total cost of the event will be covered by the Provincial Committee of the Famagusta FOED with two main objectives.
The first is to give the opportunity to young and old in our area to watch a beautiful, very careful and successful theater performance.
The second, to give all the proceeds to charity work and poor families, through KEPA.

In this effort, we invite you all to help, so that through the show, a significant amount will be collected.
Tickets for the show cost €8