PARALIMNI: ENP offered a sum of money to KEPA for the purchase of gas stoves for our fellow human beings

Love warms the cold days of our fellow human beings - See how you can help

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The polite move of the Board of Directors of the ENP team to offer the amount of the appeal as a contribution to the KEPA Charitable Foundation, proves once again that ENP is not a team but a great idea that teaches ethics and offers solidarity to the needy fellow human being.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that ENP offers and supports our fellow human beings.

He has done it many times and in Paralimni they are justifiably proud of this great team. We sincerely hope that the team will soon return to the salons of the First Division and will be treated fairly by all actors in Cypriot football.

Referees like the one he had with ASIL LYSIS should not be repeated for the good of football. We wish every success to ENP and continue to offer to our children and our province.

The amount (€ 300) offered to us, after consultation with the ENP, will be used to buy gas stoves in order to heat the homes of needy families as well as baby food (farine lactee).

Love warms the cold days of our fellow human beings.

Responding to the phone calls, KEPA gives the account of the Foundation in order to support as much as possible our hard-working fellow human beings with the wish that NO ONE IS LEFT EXPOSED TO THE FREEZER.

Anyone wishing to help can do so with a contribution to the following KEPA accounts: BANK OF CYPRUS: 0444-01-016055

IBAN: CY 70 0020 0444 0000 0001 0160 5500


HELLENIC BANK: 471-01-G 45975-03

IBAN: CY 34 0050 0471 0004 7101 G459 7503


PAYPAL: [email protected]

Quickpay: 99684150 273020758 5094270210624052 1441111775764777176 n exclusive, ENP, KEPA