PARALIMNI: The duck of Ai Giorkou, the legends and traditions (VIDEO)

According to the legend, the momentum and power of St. George's horse was so strong that touching the ground his foot sunk into a stone and since then the mark has remained forever

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"Pathkia of Saint George" is located in Paralimni on a dirt road between the town of Paralimni and Protaras in the Laxia area, a few meters after the chapel of Agios Mamandos. It is an area which is connected with local legends and traditions. In this area, a small dent can be seen in the rock which, according to tradition, is the footprint of the horse of Saint George, when he passed through the area chasing the Saracens.

See today's response of Sigma's Famagusta correspondent Christiana Markos from "Pathkia t'Ai Yorkou" in Paralimni:

According to tradition, during the Arab invasions, 7th - 10th century AD. , a fleet of Arabs anchored near the area of ​​Protaras with the intention of plundering the area of ​​Paralimnion. The Saint, however, listened to the prayers of the faithful and decided not to allow the looting of the village. He then appeared on horseback, between the village and the Arabs, to prevent the execution of their threatening intentions. According to the legend, the momentum and power of the Saint's horse was so strong that upon touching the ground, his foot sunk into a stone. Hearing this loud noise, the Arabs fled. Since then, the spot with the saint's paw became a place of pilgrimage for the faithful. In fact, a few years ago, a small pilgrimage was built by the metropolis of Constantia- Famagusta at this point.

Saint George is today the Patron Saint of the Municipality of Paralimni and his memory is celebrated every year with all solemnity and splendor on April 23 but also on November 3, today i.e., the day of collection of the holy relics of the Saint while his feast day is local holiday and big celebration for Paralimni.