PARALIMNI: Volleyball Union Cup winner - Frenaros defeated in the final

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The OPAP B Category… Cup remained in Paralimni. The "purple" team defeated Olympias Frenarous in the Final on Thursday, March 28, with 1-3 sets after two hours and 20 minutes and lifted the title of the Cup inside the "Palataki", the newly built Indoor Stadium of Paralimni. At the same time, the team of Paralimni succeeds the Olympiad of Naples on the "throne" of this event.

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The Final was impressive, something that prepares us for the Final of the championship between the two teams.

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The first one was amazing with EN P. starting strong and opening the gap in the score after leading 03-08. The sequel was impressive with Olympias Frenarus recovering with its own series 19-18. In the end, the Union managed to win 23-25 ​​and lead the Final 0-1 set.

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ENP took a safety lead of two sets after winning the very competitive second set with 21-25 and increasing the score in their favor to 0-2.

The third set had a different ending, however, since Olympias not only managed to reach the… source, but also to conquer the set with 29-27, reducing the Final to 1-2 sets.

In the fourth set the Union showed to have more endurance and managed to prevail with 15-25 to win 1-3 and celebrate the Cup.

First Referee: M. Grigoriou
XNUMXnd Referee: S. Pavlidis
A 'Note: M. Karagianni
Second Note: F. Steka
First Supervisor: M. Prokopiou
Second Supervisor: Ch. Mitrophanous
Arbitration Law: P. Tofi

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Famagusta.News / Images: Costas Herodotou