LAKE: A single-cab vehicle nailed to the rear of a saloon

paralimni3 Nea Famagusta

A new car accident occurred on Sunday afternoon in Paralimni.

According to information, a saloon vehicle attempted a left turn, with the single cab that was nailed to its rear. The driver of the saloon managed to stop his vehicle a few meters away.

As an eyewitness told "K", the single-cab vehicle had developed speed. Due to the slippery road surface, the driver lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a collision with the saloon vehicle.

There were three people inside the saloon, one of whom was a little girl.

An ambulance that arrived at the scene, picked up the passengers who were slightly injured.

paralimni3 Nea Famagusta

paralimni4 Nea Famagusta

paralimni2 Nea Famagusta

Source: Kathimerini