PARALIMNI: The church was broken into twice in a few days - "It seems that it was not accidental" (PICTURES)

What the priest of the church, Father Anastasis, reported exclusively to Famagusta.News

viber image 2023 01 19 16 41 05 057 exclusive, Archangel Michael, VANDALISM CHURCH, PARALIMNI

Shocking are the disgusting images recorded by the lens of Famagusta.News in the chapel of the Archangel Michael in Paralimni, after the invasion of rogues inside the church on Wednesday night, where they destroyed everything in their path and did not hesitate to write vulgar slogans and symbols. on the wall of the church.

As Father Anastasis told Famagusta.News, it is the second incident of violation of the church in a few days.

Specifically, he said: "They called me around 11 in the morning and told me that there are disturbances in the church and we suspected that it was the disturbances we found yesterday, after we discovered that someone entered the church and took 16 euros, but we thought it was something random. But it seems that it was not accidental, since someone or some people, during the night last night, vandalized the church".

Regarding the details of the damage, he said "It seems that from 18:00 in the afternoon yesterday until 07:00-08:00 this morning someone entered the church, he did a lot of damage which fortunately is being repaired. Specifically, he lit a fire inside the church while also using a fire extinguisher, not to put out the fire but to fill the church with dust, wrote slogans on the walls and consumed many sachets of sugar. In his passing, he left a mess that we are trying to clean up".

The church is a chapel belonging to the parish of Agios Georgios. The services in the church of Archangel Michael started from the time of the corona virus to facilitate the people. The attendance of the people in the chapel was great and when this was adopted by the people they decided to renovate the space so as to leave something better than what they found, Father Anastasis said in closing.