PARALIMNI: Police presentation on bomb and explosive threat management (PHOTO)

As part of the teacher's day, the Famagusta police presented to teachers the protocol of the Ministry of Education on the management of bomb threats and explosive objects

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On 15/12/22 and between the hours of 09:00-11:00 as part of the teacher's day, the Deputy Chief Constable Odysseas Papadopoulos, in charge of the Department of Fireworks and Police Dogs, presented to teachers of the Famagusta District the protocol of the Ministry of Education on the subject of management of threats of bombs and explosive objects which was concluded in cooperation with the police, was approved by the Director General of the Ministry of Education with parallel information to the Chief of Police.

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The presentation aimed to inform and guide the teachers regarding the risk assessment and at the same time the first actions that should be taken by the school management in cooperation with the police.

The presentation took place in the auditorium of the Lyceum of Paralimni and was attended by about 80 teachers.

The coordination of the whole presentation was done by the Principal of the Paralimni High School, Myrofora Keperti Pallari, in collaboration with the press representative of the Famagusta Police Department, Lt. 1860 Stiv Theodoulou.