PARALIMNI: Kappari Avenue improvement project presented (IMAGES)

2km road regeneration with sidewalks and bicycle paths and 180 parking spaces

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The Urban Road Project "Improvement of Kappari Avenue in Paralimni" was presented yesterday afternoon at the Municipal Palace of Paralimni in the presence of Aresteia Aspridou Town Planning officials, Evi Anagiotou Public Works and the design office that undertook the construction design. & Toumazis ”, as well as Giorgos Mili and Giorgos Dimitriou on behalf of the Road Safety Department of the Police, the Mayor of Paralimni Theodoros Pyrillis, the Municipal Engineer Christakis Vassilios and the Coordinator of Procurement of the Municipality, civil engineer Andreas Georgios.

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Regarding the description of the project, it is clarified that it concerns from the junction of Kappari Avenue with Protaras Avenue to the proposed traffic junction at the junction of Kappari Avenue with Apollonos Street. The total length of the main road will be about 2000 meters and the total width of the road 24, 20 meters.

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The provisions of the project

Regarding the provisions of the project, there will be two traffic lanes, one in each direction, sidewalks will be constructed on both sides of the road where there will be tree planting and a bicycle path along the entire length of the road with road lighting. Furthermore, it is proposed that 12 pedestrian crossings be constructed, one of which will be elevated, disabled ramps in all contributions with appropriate marking and signaling as well as approximately 180 parking spaces along the road as well as an elevated plateau ( Cappari contribution with Karamanli street).

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In addition, rainwater culverts will be installed and green strips will be constructed. Finally, bus stop bays and a photo-controlled junction of Giorki Papadopoulou Street with Kappari Avenue will be constructed. This development project is implemented with the cooperation of the state (80% implementation cost) and the Municipality of Paralimni (20% implementation cost) which aims to upgrade the area of ​​Kappari and curb chronic regulatory and traffic problems, to serve all needs along the road as well as in the wider area (traffic, economy, environment, etc.).

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This was followed by a discussion and submission of questions by the citizens of Paralimni and it was decided that all the proposals that exist should be codified through the Municipality and end up with the designers, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Urban Planning to make final decisions. The Mayor of Paralimni thanked the representatives of Urban Planning and Public Works as well as Mrs. Toumazis for the detailed description and presentation of the proposed project and clarified that in the next 3-4 months the project tender will be announced.