PARALIMNI: The Town Hall was illuminated in orange (PHOTO)

The Paralimni Town Hall was lit up in orange for World Multiple Sclerosis Day

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Paralimni City Hall was lit up in orange on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, on the occasion of the World Day dedicated to awareness and information about Multiple Sclerosis.

With this symbolism, the Municipality of Paralimni supports the work of the Pancypriot Multiple Sclerosis Association, which was founded in 1986 and for almost four decades has been fighting for people with Multiple Sclerosis, claiming everything they are entitled to from the state. Through its work the Association provides accessible information, support and services to every person with multiple sclerosis and their family to ensure they can achieve their life goals while remaining active individuals.

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World Multiple Sclerosis Day.

After the establishment of World Multiple Sclerosis Day, by the International Multiple Sclerosis Federation – МСIF, which is May 30, the Association, on this occasion, holds an information week every year with various lectures and events.

Alongside the financial support, which the events aim at, the aim is to inform and raise public awareness of the condition.