PARALIMNI: Series of Theatrical Workshops "The Dragon and the Tegnites of Cyprus"

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The Municipality of Paralimni organizes a series of Theater Pedagogical Workshops entitled "THE DRAGON ATTACKS THE ARTISTS OF CYPRUS" with Theater Teacher Christina Nikolaou on SATURDAY 11 MAY 2024, 11:00 (for children 5-8 years old) and SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024, 11:00 (for children 8-11 years old) at the Traditional House of the Municipality of Paralimni.

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The children unfold a story which takes place in a village in Cyprus. There, the Dragon of the forest wishes to steal the master's beautiful daughter, and all the villagers will contribute to his trickery, through their skills. Traditional professions will unfold one by one, offering the Dragon their precious goods. How; Will a little bread, a little wine… and the art of the Weaver keep the Dragon from grabbing the daughter? The magic of the Traditional Tengens will calm even the wildest Beast of nature.


The following traditional professions will be approached:
1) Shepherd
2) Fisherman
3) Tsangaris
4) Farmer: picking olives for oil production
5) Seller: with his cart he sells grapes for wine production
6) Age of the Beasts: Reapers and women who grind the wheat and make bread
7) Art of Weaving: Women who loomed and wove.


Through the workshop, traditional professions and elements of the Cypriot tradition are approached, offering the opportunity to get to know them and to bring to life images of another era.
– The children will have the opportunity to bring to life a fairy tale in which one of the heroes is the "Dragon". It is a key element in Cypriot fairy tales and gives children the feeling that they can face wild beasts of nature. Guided by their critical thinking and applying solutions that they themselves will create without using attack, they will get rid of the Beast of nature.
– Children to develop their self-confidence by undertaking the presentation of their ideas to the whole.
- The children get to know traditional professions - arts through their real representation with materials and tools.
– The children should revive lost professions and connect the goods produced by them, since they now find them ready in the shops (e.g. I will find the bread in the oven and not directly from the baker).
– The children will have the opportunity to see paintings by the well-known painter Michael Kasialos. Then observe them and try to imitate figures depicted in them.


The theater teacher Nikolaou Christina holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Thessaly in the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education, a Master's Degree from the University of Warwick "Drama and Theater Education" and is in charge of the Theater Workshop "MELOTHE".

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