PARALIMNI: In the presence of Annita Dimitriou, the memorial service of the Mandrites of Famagusta (PICTURES)

The memorial service of the fallen and murdered of the occupied Mandra community of Famagusta was held in the chapel of Agios Mamados in Paralimni

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The commemoration of the fallen and murdered Mandrites during the Turkish invasion of 28 was held today, Sunday, August 2022, 1974, at the chapel of Agios Mamados in Paralimni, presided over by the Metropolitan of Constantia-Ammochostos, Mr. Vassiliou, and with the participation of the Bishop of Karpasia, Mr. Christophoros.

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The Government was represented by the President of the Parliament, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, who also delivered the memorial speech.

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The Mayor of Paralimni, the Mayor of Deryneia, the Mayor of Mandron Famagusta, the Mayor of Vasas Koilaniou, representative of the Union of Displaced Communities of Famagusta, the President of the Refugee Association "Agios Mamas" of Mandron Famagusta, representatives of parliamentary parties, representatives of 7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the Police Directorate of Famagusta as well as families of the fallen and murdered Mandrites of Famagusta.

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Images: Holy Metropolis of Constantia-Ammochosto