PARALIMNI: Touching response for a single father who asked for help – Dozens of job offers

Wave of support for a single father with two children in Paralimni - Dozens of offers from citizens for work, clothing and financial support

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It was touching to support our fellow citizen who lives in Paralimni, who is a single parent with two children and is looking for work as well as financial support. After its publication reportage on Famagusta.News at the request of the parish of Agios Dimitrios in Paralimni, the outpouring of support was literally overwhelming with dozens of citizens texting and calling the church about ways they can help or find work for Father.

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Within a few hours, the church informed our page that after the publication, there were dozens of citizens who responded and not only found a job for our fellow citizen but were interested in financial and material support.

It is, of course, worth in conclusion to point out and emphasize the very good and wonderful work carried out not only by the parish of Agios Dimitrios Paralimni but also in general by all the parishes and churches in humanitarian matters as well as the Social Grocery of the Holy Metropolis of Constantia Famagusta and the Center of Offer and Love "Agios Christoforos" since they offer the maximum to our fellow citizens in the province of Famagusta who are in real need.