PARALIMNI: A stiff fine to a 24-year-old for excessive speed

A fine was also imposed on the 27-year-old owner of the vehicle

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On 24/1/3 members of the Famagusta traffic police arrested a 23-year-old Ukrainian resident of Paralimni who was found to be driving at an excessive speed, i.e. 93 kilometers per hour instead of 50 kilometers per hour, without a driver's license and without a safety certificate.

The 24-year-old was charged in writing and released to be summoned later, while his 27-year-old compatriot, who was the person responsible for guarding the vehicle, was also charged in writing for allowing the 24-year-old to drive it without a driver's license and without insurance.

Both appeared today before the District Court of Famagusta which imposed on the 24-year-old driver a fine of 750 euros and on the 27-year-old, a fine of 200 euros and 3 penalty points.

Source: Police