PARALIMNI: The contracts for the construction of a Children's Club worth 2,4 million euros were signed (VIDEO+PICTURES)

The new Children's Club of Paralimni will solve the problem of working parents - An innovative building that will be able to accommodate over 150 children

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The contract for the Construction of the Children's Club at the 31th Primary School was signed on Monday, July 2023, XNUMX at the Paralimni Town Hall.

The Contract for the Construction of a Children's Club at the site of the 2.033.000th Primary School of Paralimni was awarded to the economic entity N. GABRIIL & SONS LTD for the amount of €2.419.270, plus VAT. (€XNUMX approximately).

The Project is financed by the EU Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. in the context of the Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Municipality of Paralimni.

The Paralimni Children's Club building will consist of a two-story building (Children's Club) and a playground in the yard. The Children's Club includes an antechamber, a dining room, 2 rooms, offices, storerooms, a kitchen, sanitary facilities and a shed on the ground floor as well as 5 rooms, sanitary facilities and a patio on the 1st floor. It also includes ramps for easy access within the building as well as an elevator and stairs for moving from the ground floor to the 1st floor. The building has an area of ​​1550 sq.m. and the shed area of ​​342 sq.m.

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The Children's Club will operate from 1.00 pm until 8.00 pm, so that various activities are offered to the students, daily study and feeding. It has capacity for 150 students, aged 6-13 years (Primary School Students).

The team of engineers during the construction stage of the project consists of:

  • Engineer & Supervising Engineer with Architect specialty: Andreas Economou
  • Supervising Engineer with Civil Engineering specialty: Lorenzos Oikonomou
  • Supervising Engineer with specialization in Mechanical Engineering: Giorgos Ilias
  • Supervising Engineer with specialization in Electrical Engineering: Dimitris Liotatis
  • Quantity Surveyor: Christos Koupparis

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The Recovery and Resilience Mechanism

The Project falls under Policy Axis 5 - "Employment, social protection, education and human resources" of the Development and Resilience Plan (DRP), in Component 5.2 "Labor market, social welfare and integration" and is included in the investments related to the "Development of Centers of Care in Municipalities".

The purpose of the Plan is the creation of new social care structures or the upgrading/expansion of existing structures by creating additional positions, thereby strengthening the welfare state and promoting social inclusion and well-being.

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In particular, Policy Axis 5 focuses on the development of the required skills and abilities in the existing and future workforce, so that it responds effectively to the demands and trends of the modern labor market, according to its current and future needs, including those that stem from the green and digital transition. The proposed reforms and investments are aligned with the relevant European initiatives and priorities. The axis also includes reforms and investments aligned with the corresponding European initiatives and priorities. The axis also includes reforms and investments to address labor market weaknesses related to the need to facilitate market entry, especially for women with children, to improve the availability and affordability of early childhood education and care, and to create of a network of childcare facilities. It also aims to increase employment for young people outside of work, education or training.

The Project is included in the priority of the Plan concerning the "Creation of new or upgrading/expansion of existing Multi-Purpose Centers for Children (i.e. nurseries and Child Protection and Employment Centers for children aged 0-4 years & 6-13 years) as well as Child Care Centers (i.e. childcare centers for the ages 0-4 years)".

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The aim is to strengthen the availability of quality child care and social development infrastructure and, by extension, to increase the participation in the labor market of people who care for children, contributing to gender equality and equal opportunities for all.

The Recovery and Resilience Facility is the core of the temporary financing instrument for the European Union's recovery and exit from the crisis, called Next Generation EU, which was created by the European Commission in 2020 to address the economic and social impacts of its pandemic COVID-19, sustainable development and ensuring the resilience of the European Union economy.

The strategic objective of the Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan is "to strengthen the resilience of the economy and the country's potential for economic, social and environmentally sustainable long-term growth and prosperity". With the implementation of the Project, the emergence of Cyprus as a country where the education system and the development of the workforce will be achieved, aligning the skills required for the future.