PASYXE for immigrants in Pernera: "Those in charge should have second thoughts"

The PASYXE of Famagusta issued an announcement on the issue of the movement of asylum seekers to the Pernera tourist area by the Government

photo 8 exclusive, PASYXE Famagusta, Pernera

The PASYXE of Famagusta issued a notice regarding the issue of moving asylum seekers from a hotel unit in Ayia Napa to the Pernera area in Paralimni, calling on the authorities to reconsider.

This announcement:

We have been following with particular interest the press reports, in the last twenty-four hours, regarding the need to move dozens of political asylum seekers from Ayia Napa, where they lived until the end of May.

It came to our attention, after the relevant letter of the mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodoros Pyrillis, to the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, that considerations are being made on the part of the competent authorities, for the possible relocation of the political asylum seekers in question, through the summer tourist season, in a hotel unit, which is located in the heart of the Perneras tourist area, in Protaras.

It is worth noting that the tourist area of ​​Pernera, for years, has been facing a series of important issues that need immediate treatment and support from the competent authorities, in order to return to the development and tourism boom of previous years. Issues that are known to all agencies and government agencies, as the specific issue was also discussed before the House of Representatives, with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism studying a series of measures in this direction.

The issue of relocation of political asylum seekers is, without a doubt, a particularly sensitive issue, in which a solution as permanent as possible should be found immediately. However, it is our belief that a possible move to the Perneras tourist area will complicate things even more, instead of offering solutions to the many problems the area is already facing.

It is precisely for this reason that we call on all those in charge to think twice about this issue and at the same time to address the very serious problems plaguing the region as soon as possible and to provide solutions.