The Union got the double and fire in the relegation zone (VIDEO)

ENP beat Paphos 0-2 with goals from Antoniou and Pitta in an away game for the second group of the penultimate match of the XNUMXnd phase of the Football Championship.

Paralimni reached 32 points. In the last match, ENP will face Alki, which has 35 points.

Burlot in the battle of graduation-The data for the final

The battle to stay in Group B continued with crucial matches, a turn from the final of the CYTA championship, with all the data now for the team that will follow Hermes in Category B to be open, since the difference of 2nd from 5th place be just three points.

Alki, who managed to beat Anorthosis 1-0 thanks to the goal of Ivan Carlos, climbed to 2nd place in Group B with 35 points and is now turning its attention to the last match against the Union.

Alki has the same points as Paphos FC, which, however, unlike "Immortal" is not in danger as it excels against the maroons that are currently in the position that leads to the second division.

With a victory or a draw against the Union, the team of Oroklini remains a category, while in case of a possible defeat, it is demoted mathematically as the team of Paralimni has the advantage in case of a draw.

The Union in the penultimate match managed to beat Paphos FC 2-0 with the goals of Antoniou and Pitta and 32 points hopes for stay, but must necessarily in the next match against Alki to get the three points.

Finally, Doxa tou Hermes prevailed 1-0 and she is also at 32 points, while in the next match she will face Anorthosis. The team of Katokopia with a victory does not care what the other two teams that play with each other will do, while even in case of a draw, it is superior to the two.


  • Correction 41
  • Paphos FC 35
  • Moose 35
  • Glory 32
  • Compound 32
  • Hermes 13

Last match schedule:

  • Hermes-Paphos FC
  • Union-Moose
  • Anorthosis-Glory of Katokopia