Pyrillis: The categories are non-existent - Everything is directed

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The Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pirillis, spoke about non-existent accusations against him, after the allegations made against him for his actions or omissions. As a result, the Auditor General recommended an investigation.

Mr. Pirillis, speaking on ACTIVE 107,4 & 102,5 and on the show AGENDA with Andri Daniel, stressed that the Municipality will continue to do its job smoothly, within the legal framework and that it will not give in "to pressure from any individuals who wish to be looted and usurped privileges. "Those who make the complaints have interests that have been harmed."

As he said, all these "are directed by those who make the complaints", emphasizing that he does not refer to the Auditor General.

The case has been referred to the Attorney General

As he stressed, today, the sellers of the real estate themselves, gave to the public, certificates that they knew everything, while he revealed that in his letter addressed to the Attorney General, he quotes all the details and calls on him to proceed to investigations, if in his judgment, he considers that there is any reasonable suspicion that there is anything wrong with him.

"I ask him to investigate whether I have committed criminal offenses," he said.

He also stated that he does not believe in anything, while in his report on the Auditor General, Odysseas Michailidis, he said, "the Auditor is there to do his job. And he does it very well ", but adding that when a preliminary inspection was carried out in the Municipality of Paralimni, the opinion of the Mayor was not requested. "When the officials were in the Municipality, I told them to come and talk to you because I have nothing to hide."

Mr. Pirillis also revealed that the Auditor General holds power of attorney, both for himself and his wife, with which he can control their personal data at any time.

"I have been doing this since 2016 because that is how I understand what the public life of the country should be like and how anyone, whether elected or a government official, should be controlled. I am the only one in Cyprus who has given these powers of attorney to the Auditor General. Let others dare to do the same ", he stressed, while adding that through these proxies, the Auditor General is given the opportunity to control what he wants, up to five years after Mr. Pirillis leaves the position of Mayor.

Regarding the piece to which the report is made, Mr. Pirillis said that he has not upgraded this piece. "There is an anonymous complaint from someone who says various things, which are non-existent. Not only am I open to scrutiny, but I have asked for it. In no case did I benefit from this act ".

At the same time, he stated that he has been a real estate investor for about 20 years. "These pieces were for sale for a long time and were not for sale. In fact, it has been bought at the price requested by the sellers ".

Works on the coastal front and interventions

Regarding the works carried out on the coastal front of the Municipality and the reactions from time to time, the Mayor of Paralimni stressed that these are within the framework of full legality, while he explained that for the works, which concern, as he said, cleaning and creating a smooth passage for world, a unanimous decision was taken by the Municipal Council.

He also revealed that these moves harm various interests and bother some people who are usurping state property. "I am referring to many interests. To all those who usurp state property and cut off the free passage of the world ".

Asked if these were hoteliers or private interests, he said they were both.

"We do not allow anyone to commit these usurpations, on the contrary we want to restore legitimacy," he said.

"Action of the Municipality the cleaning of rubble"

Regarding comments on leveling the beaches, Mr. Pirillis stressed that the action of the Municipality is the cleaning of debris. "The area was destroyed in the 80's - 90's and it is the responsibility of the Municipality to clean it with decisions taken by the Municipal Council."

"We have managed to applaud our actions from almost the whole world of Paralimni", he said while adding that in many cases approval is not needed, it is the responsibility of the Municipality of Paralimni and it depends on what kind of work someone performs. But if approval is needed somewhere, then we get it. "

Finally, he characteristically stated that he expects what the Attorney General will do, adding that "clear sky, lightning is not afraid".

Source: Liberal