Green light for Paralimni marina

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Soon, if everything goes smoothly, the construction of the third in a row marina in Cyprus, that of the municipality of Paralimni, in the area of ​​Pernera, will begin.

In recent years, the Limassol marina is already in full operation, while the construction works of the Ayia Napa marina are in progress.

The environmental authority lit up the green by setting terms and conditions in the construction of the Paralimni marina, which in addition to 300 berths will include mixed residential and commercial development.

The duration of the construction works of the project is expected to be 4 years while the marine works are expected to be completed in 34 months.

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP), the mixed residential and commercial development will include houses (apartments and a small number of villas), shops, restaurants (restaurants, cafes, etc.) and suitably designed outdoor, public and private spaces.

According to MEEP, the main purpose of the proposed project is to create a marina of high standards, with safe and easy access and navigation by yachts, combined with high quality facilities and services, so as to attract visitors to the area throughout the year.

The project area is close to the center of Paralimni (about 5 km northeast) and north of the Cape Greco peninsula.

Key project design features:

  • 300 berths
  • Marina & Yacht Club administration building (incl. & 24 guest suites)
  • Residential Building Complexes (119 apartments) which include commercial and other ancillary uses (such as 2 cafes, 4 shops, 4 restaurants, etc.)
  • Customs and Port Building / Fuel refueling
  • 4 villas
  • Podium
  • Coastal Pedestrian Street
  • Seaside Park (public green space)
  • Parking space (427 underground spaces and 108 above ground spaces, total = 535 parking spaces).

Regarding the Marine Spatial Planning, in Cyprus the final planning has not been completed yet. The natural creek, also known as "Luma Bay", was determined as the ideal location for the development of Paralimni marina, as well as the adjacent land which has been allocated for development.

The project area, which is located between Siren Bay and the Golden Coast Hotel, occupies an area of ​​29.000 sq.m. and is located between an area of ​​13.000 sq.m. to the west which will be maintained as a natural park (public green space) and the picturesque fishing shelter Pernera to the south.