President of Paralimni: "The eroded public confidence in justice must be restored"

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The assessment that the eroded public confidence in justice and its officials, due to the recent events, should be regained with effort and effort, was expressed today by the President of the Supreme Court of Myron Nikolatos.

Welcoming him at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Famagusta District Court in Paralimni, Mr. Nikolatos said that “the Judiciary, despite the blows it has recently received, will continue with even greater zeal to carry out its high mission of administering justice without fear and passion, with honesty, impartiality and independence. It is the duty of an honest judge to perform his judicial duties with courage and dignity and to administer justice to all, on the basis of the Laws and his conscience. "

He added that “the basic principles of the rule of law are that no one is above the law and that everyone is equal before the law. "These principles are applied daily by the courts of the Republic of Cyprus," he said, noting that "the eroded public confidence in justice and its officials, due to recent events, will have to be restored with great effort."

At the same time, he wished "this sad event to be the starting point for further improvement of our judicial system" and used what our ancient ancestors used to say "no evil pure good".

Mr. Nikolatos said that “the Supreme Court has already taken some important measures for which the President of the Republic on January 31, 2019 expressed his particular satisfaction and said that they ensure the unaffected, impartial and transparent process of objective administration of justice. The Supreme Court also intends to take other additional measures aimed at further strengthening the public's trust in justice, which is essential for the functioning of democracy and the rule of law. "

He continued "of course it does not mean that justice in Cyprus has acted until today without rules and frameworks. "For many years there have been strict rules of self-monitoring for judges, but now they are becoming even stricter to entertain any bona fide concerns that may exist," he said.

He also noted that the Supreme Court "will also actively participate with all its might and with full respect for the Constitution of the Republic, in the effort to reform the structure and operation of the courts so that justice is administered correctly and fairly and within reasonable time, as required by the principles of the rule of law, the Constitution and the European acquis ".

In this way, Mr. Nikolatos continued, "the credibility and prestige that justice has enjoyed over time in Cypriot society is being restored."

The President of the Supreme Court welcomed on behalf of the House the laying of the foundation stone of the District Court of Famagusta in Paralimni by the President of the Republic and added that this action "is an indication of the determination of the state to provide the judiciary with all necessary infrastructure for the effective performance of its task ”.

At the same time, he wished "soon with a fair and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem or better before that, the Famagusta District Court in Paralimni to be an important branch of the Famagusta District Court in the free city of Famagusta."

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