FIRST: This is the best stakehouse according to an international website!

If you want the best steakhouse in Protaras, then we have the solution for the restaurant that since 1994 keeps its quality unchanged and has been awarded in recent years by an international restaurant evaluation page

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When we talk about steak then the demands increase. And while we are still talking about one of the internationally award-winning restaurants located in the Pernera area, then it is worth discovering. In fact, the famous steakhouse remains the first in the evaluation of the international restaurant evaluation website Restaurant Gurus, which ranks it as the first steakhouse in Protaras, and second in the general category of all restaurants in Protaras, while it also holds a very high position on TripAdvisor.

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The reason for it Sizzler's RESTAURANT in the area of ​​Pernera of Protaras, which has been operating since June 1994. For 26 years, the owners Giannakis and Antonis Maos have dedicated their passion and love for good quality cuisine, making it one of the most internationally known restaurants in the province of Famagusta. Chef Margarita Mau emphasizes the quality ingredients of the area but also the good quality meat so that the dishes soothe the palate.

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For the sake of truth, the restaurant has been awarded continuously since 2014 until today by its world-famous website "TripAdvisor"And is one of the first in the preferences of customers, while in recent years has consistently won awards in the international restaurant list"Restaurant Gurus".

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What is worth trying

Going to Sizzler's You will be impressed by the friendly atmosphere created by the family business and the experience that is proven in the quality of the dishes. It is worth trying the flamethrowers in which it specializes and specifically, the beloved "Steak Alexander the Great", a juicy beef fillet with onions, mushrooms, French mustard and feta cheese.

Also try "Pork and the king", pork fillets in a rich creamy sauce of fresh mushrooms, ouzo, white wine and saffron.

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Do not forget to try the famous Sizzler's Steak, beef fillet with a rich layer of melted cheese in a spicy red sauce of mushrooms, onions, green peppers and tomatoes.

If you prefer chicken, then order it "Chicken and Prawn Royal", Delicious chicken cooked with cocktail shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, ouzo, white wine in a rich creamy sauce.

For duck lovers, the "Duck with Honey and Berries" is the ideal choice, a different sweet inspiration with duck fillets cooked in a delicate sauce of honey and wild berries.

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In fact, the experience of delicious pleasure is accompanied by the preparation of flabby dishes in front of the customer by the owner himself, while the Sizzler's Dishes served directly from the hot pan to the customer's plate.

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Ideal for any occasion

The Sizzler's Restaurant can (in normal conditions) accommodate 200 people, while there is an outdoor area with a playground. Birthday parties, weddings, hens night / bachelor parties, up to 200 people can also be hosted. In fact, during this period, the restaurant reminds that all the measures provided to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus are strictly observed.

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Where will you find it

The Sizzler's Restaurant is open daily from 5:30 pm until 11 pm.

You will find it at 7 Ifeistou Street in the area of ​​Pernera in Protaras.

Reservation Phones: 23831406, 96651399
Facebook: Sizzlers Restaurant Cyprus
Instagram: sizzlersrestaurantcyprus