PROTARAS: The Police are investigating an attempted murder – the 38-year-old is in court (VIDEO)

Investigators are scouring CCTV for evidence

photo 5 exclusive, Police

Among other things, the Police are investigating attempted murder for the case that occurred today in Protaras when two Greek Cypriots were found injured, while one had multiple stab wounds to the chest.

According to a Police announcement, an arrest warrant was obtained against the 38-year-old man for the crimes of attempted murder and illegal possession and transportation of a knife outside the home, for which he was arrested at 12 noon.

As for the 41-year-old, he has multiple open wounds on the chest, back, abdomen, neck and face. He was admitted to the operating room of the Famagusta General Hospital and after his condition was stabilized, he was intubated and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit/trauma center of the Nicosia General Hospital.

The 38-year-old alleged perpetrator has an open fracture of his right leg and is expected to be admitted to surgery.

The causes that led to the serious injury of the 41-year-old have not yet been clarified. The investigators of the TAE Famagusta are focusing on the search for evidence from closed circuit video surveillance in the area.

The 38-year-old is expected to be brought before the provincial court of Famagusta tomorrow for detention proceedings.