PROTARAS: With multiple stab wounds, the 41-year-old is undergoing surgery (VIDEO)

The Police are on the move - The scenes are closed - The connection between the two persons is being investigated

photo 4 exclusive, Police

According to the Police, around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2023, information was received in the message center of the Famagusta Police Department about an injured person in the yard of his house in Protaras. At approximately 8:15 in the morning information was received that a second man aged 38, who was holding a knife, was in the reception area of ​​a hotel in Protaras.

According to the information, the 38-year-old, in his attempt to escape, jumped from the walls of the hotel as a result of his attempt to escape, he injured his leg and was injured.

The two men were transported by ambulance to Famagusta General Hospital in Paralimni. The 41-year-old, a resident of Paralimni, has multiple stab wounds and is hospitalized intubated, while the 38-year-old from Nicosia has a broken leg.

The scenes are being investigated by members of the TAE Famagusta, the local Police Station, YKAN and the Ulamus Crime Prevention. The causes that led to the injuries of the two persons are being investigated by the TAE of Famagusta.