PROTARAS: Mysterious man cuts women's hair on the beach promenade

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The Famagusta Police has been dealing with an unprecedented case for the last five months, following complaints from women, who fell victim to an unknown man, with a strange fetish, on the coastal pedestrian street of Protaras.

According to the allegations, the mysterious man, on three different occasions, was hiding on a sidewalk and when he noticed the women, he surprised them and cut a tuft of their hair. To one of the girls, she cut her entire ponytail. It is worth noting that, as we are able to know, the man does not take the tufts, but leaves them on the spot and disappears running, which is why it is difficult for women to distinguish his features.

As reported to 24News, the Representative of the Famagusta Police Directorate, Andreas Konstantinou, one of the victims of this strange type, gave a description to the Police, which refers to a man of Asian origin. The case has been investigated, according to Mr. Konstantinou, however, it has not been possible to locate him so far. In addition, he added, there are no closed surveillance circuits in the area, so that the videos can be examined in the hope that he will be recorded in action. However, the matter is in the attention of the Police, which is monitoring it.

Mr. Konstantinou stated that the incidents are widely known, however the man, apart from cutting the women's hair, has not expressed any intention of theft or rape or any crime.

Source: 24news