Holiday homes are high in the preferences of Cypriot vacationers

Protaras has his honorary title in August!

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August was and will always be the perfect holiday month! The coastal areas of our island these days host a large number of vacationers, who leave behind the worries and tensions of everyday life and seek coolness in the sea, enjoying moments of rest and relaxation with family and friends. Areas of unparalleled natural beauty, such as Protaras and Ayia Napa, have always been a popular destination for Cypriot travelers. Especially this year, however, due to limited tourist arrivals, the seaside tourist resorts will host almost exclusively locals.

The clear blue waters of Protaras and the services offered by the organized beaches - bars, restaurants, water sports and coastal cruises - rank the area as a top tourist destination. Choosing a comfortable and welcoming accommodation is a priority for every traveler who wants to experience a unique holiday experience. In recent years, many locals and foreigners visiting the free province of Famagusta, live in holiday homes that offer a variety of amenities. With private pool, garden, roof garden, outdoor areas for barbeque, home cinema system, high speed internet and other infrastructure and facilities, the luxury villas can satisfy every desire.

One of the main advantages of renting a holiday home for the summer holidays is the flexibility it offers in terms of social contacts and the completely free program. For those who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy moments of calm and relaxation, in their private pool safely, the choice of holiday home is ideal.

Moreover, there are many cases when the accommodation in a holiday home for a short vacation ended in a purchase. Utilizing the space throughout the year for family and friendly gatherings, make it attractive to acquire a holiday home. In addition, there is always the possibility of renting the space for as long as it is not used by the owners, offering extra income.

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Ο Giovani Group through the service Villas2Let (, gives you the opportunity, even now, to choose the villa that suits you for your summer vacation. Although vacations have been a surprise this year, there are always opportunities for last minute travelers.

Those who do not seriously consider the possibility of buying an apartment or house in the area of ​​free Famagusta can see the plethora of options offered by the Group on the website