Did the Mayor of Paralimni send you… friend request? Pay attention to the experts

pyrillis fake Facebook, Fake Profile

The Mayor of Paralimni got in the eye of the beholder, who located a Facebook account with his name and photo, which, however, is not his.

The expert behind the account seems to have communicated with other users pretending to be the Mayor.

Theodoros Pyrillis asks the people who spoke with the second Pyrillis to ignore him.

See his message:
"I have detected the creation of a fake profile with my details as shown in the photo below (on the right). At this stage it seems that the user "downloaded" the profile or disabled it. Unfortunately, I have been informed that he has already contacted some people impersonating me. Please ignore or delete this profile as well as any "conversations" that took place with the "straw man"."

Screen Shot 2018 06 13 at 12.43.04 AM Facebook, Fake Profile