Paralimni at its festivities - Concert with Josephine (IMAGES)

What did the Mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodoros Pyrillis, say in his greeting on the issue of Local Government Reform

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Paralimni was dressed in its festive clothes after the Enlightenment event that took place on Sunday, November 28, 2021 in the square of the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios.

Early in the afternoon the program started with a presentation of a dance performance by dance schools of Paralimni and then the Symphony Band Harmony presented a music program with Christmas songs.

Afterwards, the Mayor of Paralimni and the Municipal Council illuminated the Christmas Tree and the Christmas decoration.

The program of the event culminated with a concert with the popular singer Josephine.

During his greeting, the Mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodoros Pyrillis He said that after a year of cessation of events due to the pandemic, the opportunity for an event was given again, in the hope that the coming months would slowly lead us out of the pandemic and into full normalcy.

As for her subject Local Government Reform He said that in case of creation of a Municipality in free Famagusta, young people will have hope to find a job and taxes will be reduced by about 20%, while, according to him, in case of creation of two Municipalities, taxes will remain as they are. if three Municipalities are created, then the taxes will increase by 30% and we will have a degradation. He stressed that if the province of Famagusta is united, then all together have the power.

He also thanked the Cultural Services of the Municipality of Paralimni for all the preparations they have made for Christmas led by Marinos Pavlikkas, Andreas Alapais with his team and Giannakis Hatzizacharias with his team. He also expressed his gratitude to Kalomira Keli for the huge legacy she left behind with her ten-year contribution to both European programs and Culture issues with the Christmas Events and Carnivals.

Finally, he thanked the cultural ensembles and dance schools that participated in the event and offered the nice program. Finally, he wished a Merry Christmas and invited everyone to look at us so that no child is left without a gift at Christmas.

For the organization of the Christmas Illumination and the Christmas Events of the Municipality of Paralimni contributed the Committee of Culture of the Municipality, the Cultural Service and the staff of the technical service headed by Andreas Alapais and the working staff headed by Ioannis Hatzizaros and the Service .

Also, kiosks were set up by organized groups, charities and parents' associations with the sale of handicrafts and delicacies to support their funds.

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