Paralimni Technique: Student's letter to the Ministry of Education about the lack of free time - See the original

The lack of free time for the students, the consequences and suggestions - As part of the lesson, the students were invited to write a letter in the thematic circle of "Free time and Entertainment"

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In the context of the teaching of textual items and specifically the letter and the production of communicative speech in the thematic cycle of "Leisure and Entertainment", the students of the departments EG1 + ED1 and XE1 A + B of TESEK Paralimni wrote a report on: " So do children, especially adolescent students, have free time? What are the reasons that lead to the circumvention of the rights but also of the evolutionary needs for play and extracurricular employment? "

On the occasion of the return of students to school after a long period of exclusion with a lot of free time for students, due to the pandemic of covid 19, to write a letter to be sent to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth as a member of your school's MS, presenting two (2) consequences of the lack of free time to the students and suggesting two (2) ways to more creative use of it, in order to convince him to take measures, so that the students have more time at their disposal. (length: 250-350 words)

The students suggested sending this letter to prove the usefulness and effectiveness of writing letters in the year 2021 and came to an agreement with the teacher to select a report and publish it as an open letter to the press. This was a motivation for the students. Therefore, the selected report of the student of ED1 Dillon Thomas McLalen is attached.

The letter is as follows:


March 11 2021

To: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth

Dear Editor,

On the occasion of the recent closure of schools to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we have realized that, while the pandemic caused much suffering and fear, it also served as a "gift" to us young people. This is because it gave us the opportunity to do new and creative activities that we did not have time for before. But now, with the return of students to schools, we have realized that we still do not have free time. That is why, as a student of TESEK Paralimni, I submit and share with you my views and concerns about the lack of free time, the consequent consequences but also about some constructive ways of utilizing free time. 

With the return of students to schools we have noticed that students' free time was immediately limited. The education system ignores and is indifferent to the mental and physical health of children, bombarding students with countless competitions, homework and thus leaving them with no free time, since they have to constantly deal with their school obligations. However, we believe that the school should get rid of its exam-oriented character and give students time to engage in other activities that are healthy for their psychology. 

It is obvious that when a teenager does not have free time, there will be negative consequences. It is not right for a child to be exhausted from reading and not have time to communicate with his family. Lack of free time causes adolescents boredom, leaves them without appetite, resulting in isolation from everyone sometimes, falling into a kind of depression. The socialization of children is necessary and our school deprives it in this way. 

Another consequence is that students do not find time to cultivate their inclinations and talents due to the obligations and lessons they have. As a result, there is no longer joy in the lives of students, since all that concerns them is the fulfillment of their school obligations. They do not even have the opportunity to participate in sports or artistic clubs with other children, acting as active citizens. 

It turns out that free time is essential in the life of all of us. That is why it would be good for the authorities to undertake to enrich our province with public sports centers, gyms, parks, swimming pools but also with green spaces. This would be effective because students could frequent these spaces, socialize and share good times together, instead of having the limited time they have to sit in front of a screen. 

It would be an equally good idea to have a modern, large public library in our province, so that all students can be in a common area with a good atmosphere, to fulfill their school obligations there. In fact, if there was the appropriate technological equipment and other facilities, they could then search for information on the Internet about their work and cultivate cooperation between them. 

We hope you share the suggestions we have made, as it is clear that a change needs to be made for the benefit of the students. Today's students will be the ones who will change the world in the future. That is why we should not deprive them of something important, such as free time, which will make them the right people with complete personalities. 

Thank you for the hospitality

Dillon Thomas McCalen

Student ED1 TESEK Paralimni