Paralimni mourns – In white, the last goodbye to 23-year-old Androniki Paraskeva

Details of the funeral of the unfortunate Androniki Paraskeva who lost her life unjustly on the asphalt

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Tomorrow Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 11 am the funeral will be held for the unfortunate Andronikis Paraskeva who lost her life unjustly on the asphalt in a road accident at 11:30 on Monday on the Sotiras - Liopetriou road, when the vehicle she was driving, under conditions which are being investigated, collided head-on with an OSEA bus. Her three-year-old girl, who was strapped into a child seat in the back seat of the car, was saved from the collision.

The funeral will be held tomorrow Wednesday at 11 am in the Holy Church of Agia Varvara in Paralimni. The family's request is that everyone be dressed in white. The family will not accept condolences. In lieu of wreaths, contributions will be made for her daughter.

The details of the accident

According to the press representative of the Famagusta police department, Steve Theodoulou, both the 23-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter appear from the first tests to have been wearing seat belts.

From the initial investigations, it appears that the vehicle driven by the 23-year-old woman, under circumstances that are being investigated, entered the opposite stream and collided head-on with a bus. According to the information, the 23-year-old borrowed the vehicle from a friend to take her child to the doctor.

Her 3-year-old girl was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and fortunately, she is in good health. It is worth noting that at the time of the collision, the little girl was sitting in a child car seat.

The 40-year-old bus driver and four passengers were also slightly injured in the collision, and were taken to the hospital for tests. According to the police, the driver was also tested for alcohol with a zero reading.

The Traffic Police continues the examinations at the scene, while the scheduled autopsy on the body of the 23-year-old is expected to show the exact cause of her death.