GATE 26: Voices for Arbitration – "The Farce Continues"

"The referee in question... is simply passionate and is slaughtering us" - "Our Association calls on those who are close to the team to show in every way that our tolerance is over"

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An announcement with harsh language was issued by the organized friends of the Paralimni Youth Union.

Her subject is the refereeing of yesterday's match with Akrita Chlorakas, but also in general, with THYRA 26 reporting that "as an Association, we do not usually shout about the refereeing unless there really is a serious reason and strong concern".

The announcement of "THYRA 26" is the same

"As an Association we don't usually shout about arbitration unless there really is a serious reason and strong concern.

For so many years we waited for var to not feel like children of an inferior god...On the contrary, the farce just continues.

This referee is not the first time, probably won't be the last, that he is simply passionate and slaughters us. This guy is just a pawn, he's incompetent and he can't, he can't bring us down every time. He is not welcome in Paralimni.
As for the candidate and his best man who are trying to please the chloraka... simply the answer will be given by us in time and I understand.

Our Association calls on those who are next to the team to show in every way that our tolerance is over.
For the organized fans, the gk was and remains a former Paralimnite.
A.N was and remains the part of the system that we don't like.

It would finally be good for the football department's Board of Directors to protect the team in any way it can.
The Board of Directors of the Association should rise to the occasion and finally put the Paralimni Youth Association FORWARD.

Congratulations to those who finally managed to follow the team on a difficult day and time, with adverse weather conditions and in the last week of the month when, as is known in Cyprus, we don't have one in our pocket.
The song and the proud applause of our people at the end of the match, for the effort of our footballers, was the beautiful moment of the evening.

Thank you for your support through the purchase of Christmas tickets. We inform you that their disposition towards our friends and members continues.

"Dreams don't come out at auction..."

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