Regional Forum on Blue Skills was held in Ayia Napa Marina

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As part of the European Year of Skills, a Regional Forum on Blue Skills was held at the Ayia Napa Marina with speakers from Cyprus and abroad.

Co-organizers of the event are the Cyprus Maritime and Maritime Institute (CMMI), the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) and the Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programs (IDEP).

The Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Mr. Yiannis Panagiotou, welcomed the Forum through his representative. The Cypriot MEP Mr. Loukas Fourlas, Rapporteur of the European Year of Skills, as well as the Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Isaris, also addressed a greeting.

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The event was attended by distinguished guests from the European Commission, as well as key Blue Economy stakeholders from 25 different organizations across Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, including policy makers, experts, social partners, higher education institutions and vocational training centres.

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Speakers and participants in the working groups had the opportunity to present and discuss the major challenges regarding Blue Skills. In particular, the perspectives of Blue Skills at the European and regional (Eastern Mediterranean) level, the aspects regarding the planning, implementation and evaluation of Vocational Education and Training programs and the basic needs and expectations of the social partners in relation to the promotion were discussed of Blue Skills.

Result of the Forum, the writing of a Report with the main recommendations of the participants, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable adaptations and solutions, which will have a significant contribution to the strengthening of Blue Skills both in Europe and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Source: KYPE