"Pray out loud with us" - Little Kyriakos Spaos enters surgery

The little fighter from Liopetri is undergoing a decisive operation for his health today - The family's request "Pray loudly with us..."

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The touching post of the family of little Kyriakos who is fighting cancer.

Through a post, the family of little Kyriakos Spau invites the world to pray with them, since as they report today, Kyriakos will undergo an operation of crucial importance for his health.

Specifically, the post says "Have a nice day! Those of you who loved and love our Sunday and hugged us in this difficult struggle, I would like to ask you to pray with us for tomorrow when he will have a decisive operation for his health, may everything go well and the hands of our doctors will hold the Archangel, our Virgin Mary, Saint Luke the Physician, Saint Paisios and all our Saints! God bless you!"