Holy Trinity of Gialousa: The trapped Savvas Liasis "left"

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Savvas Liasis, one of the people who wanted to "keep Thermopylae" for 45 years, was trapped in the Holy Trinity of Gialousa on Tuesday night.

In a written statement, the Commissioner of the Presidency, Fotis Fotiou states "It is with deep sadness that I was informed of the death of the trapped Greek Cypriot Savva Liasi, from the Holy Trinity of Gialousa. Savvas Liasis was another heroic figure among the daily fighters of Karpasia. A father who fell during the Turkish invasion and until recently missing, Savvas Liasis was characterized by patriotism, his love for his country and his strong militancy, fighting daily for our trapped compatriots and the rights of Cyprus. On behalf of the Government and me personally, I express my sincere condolences to their families ".

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"My dear Mr. Savvas Liasis. In the kitchen of his house, in Agia Triada of Gialousa. 44 years free, 45 years trapped. In fact he lived freer than us. Even if it was years bitter. "I will not leave my home to go south and ask to be allowed to return to the north," he said in 1974. And he stayed there, rooted in the place where he was born. Under harsh and adverse conditions. Shockingly decent. Today, it has passed into eternity. It was time to meet his beloved Maroula, who in recent years often came to sleep and kept him company. With her, and their son Giannakis, who went missing that morning of August 14, in Klepini, Kyrenia ", journalist Thanasis Fotiou wrote characteristically about Savvas Liasis.

Source: Liberal