Assistance is being sent to the detainees of Karpasia amid restrictions by a pseudo-state

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Humanitarian aid is being sent to those trapped and resettled in the Maronite villages and in the Carpathians, in light of the restrictions imposed for a week by the "government" on the occupied territories. The aid was handed over this week by the authorities of the pseudo-state, accompanied by the peacekeeping force.

As the Commissioner for the Presidency, Fotis Fotiou, stated to KYPE, today, Holy Tuesday, food and medicine are being transported to Kormakitis, while on Holy Wednesday, medicines and checks are being sent to the villages of Karpasia.

Regarding the Maronite villages, Mr. Fotiou said that the aid is being sent on the basis of the measures announced in the occupied territories last week.

Therefore, food and medicine will be transported from the free areas to the roadblock, where they will be picked up by the "authorities" of the pseudo-state and accompanied by UNFICYP will be transported to Kormakitis.

In a similar way, the humanitarian aid will be sent tomorrow, Holy Wednesday, to Karpasia, where medicines, milk and baby food will be sent, Mr. Fotiou continued. Along with the basic necessities will be sent the checks concerning the March and April allowances, as well as the pensions of the beneficiaries.

Rizokarpaso, Agia Triada and Gialousa are still under quarantine and, as Mr. Fotiou said, the information is that the lifting of the measures will be announced on Holy Thursday.

The bank where the checks are redeemed is located in occupied Gialousa, Mr. Fotiou continued, saying that if the measures are lifted, there will be no problem and the beneficiaries will be able to get their money. Otherwise, he noted, arrangements will be made so that checks can be redeemed in another way.

The emergency aid approved by the Council of Ministers on April 8, due to the quarantine regime imposed on the region, is expected to be given next Wednesday, after Easter, that is, during the next humanitarian aid mission, Mr. Fotiou concluded.

Source: KYPE