Fotiou: Rizokarpasou High School is a symbol of the struggle for the preservation of national and cultural identity

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His appreciation and admiration for all those trapped, who are patiently enduring the problems of the occupation, remain rooted in the land of their parents and ancestors, waiting for the day that will mean the reunification of our homeland, said the Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou, characterizing the High School of the occupied Rizokarpaso is a real symbol of the struggle for the preservation of our national and cultural identity.

Welcoming him at the graduation ceremony of the six-grade Rizokarpaso High School, Mr. Fotiou said that "it is for this time that we work with all sincerity and good will" and we always hope to create the conditions for those who will allow us to realize the vision and our goals for the coming of a new era which will open wide the horizons for the prevalence of conditions of freedom, security, democracy and prosperity for all without exception ".

"We do not want citizens with fewer rights, we do not want trapped people, nor refugees, in our homeland," he added.

The Presidential Commissioner also said that "it is always with admiration and great appreciation that we refer to the example set by the children of all three schools of Rizokarpasos together with their parents".

He stated that "all the ideals and values ​​of Hellenism in Cyprus are concentrated in them, that is why we are always on their side, drawing strength from ourselves to continue the struggle in which we have joined for the reunification of our island".

"With the difficulties and all the problems from its foundation onwards, the efforts and sacrifices of teachers and students, their continuous contribution to the struggles of our people, and their perseverance, courage and endurance, especially in relation to "With the situation created from 1974 onwards, the Rizokarpasou High School has today become a real symbol of the struggle to preserve our national and cultural identity, as well as to claim the rights of our people in difficult and very difficult times," he stressed.

Finally, Mr. Fotiou congratulated the students of Rizokarpasos who, even in the most adverse conditions, as he said, patiently endure the problems and deprivations, remaining steadfast in the land of their ancestors.

Mr. Fotiou made special mention of the four students who graduated today, Maria G. Sotou, Irini M. Sotou, Ioannis Prodromou and Antigoni Achilleos.