The Mayor and a delegation of the Municipality of Lysis in the schools of Rizokarpasos (IMAGES)

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A delegation of the Municipality of Lysis under the Mayor, Andreas Kaouris, went to the occupied Rizokarpaso last Thursday and was found near the detainees.

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Specifically, the delegation, as announced by the Municipality of Lysis, attended the Christmas party prepared by the children attending the school there.

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The members of the Municipal Solution Council offered gifts and traditional pastries prepared by women from the Solution, especially for students and teachers, who work at the school of the occupied Rizokarpasos.

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In a short greeting, the Mayor of Lysis, expressed his love, respect, appreciation and thanks to all the citizens of Lysis, to those trapped for their daily struggle and the messages sent by students, parents and teachers.

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He expressed the wish in 2019 to bring better days for our place and our people.

Then the delegation of the Solution went to the Monastery of the Apostle Andreas for pilgrimage.

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