In Rizokarpaso, Averoff with a DISY delegation (VIDEO + IMAGES)

A delegation of the Democratic Alarm, led by the President of the party, Averof Neophytou, went to the occupied Rizokarpaso yesterday afternoon.

Watch the video from the visit:

There they visited the trapped as well as the children who attend the schools of Rizokarpaso.

artist program by students of Rizokarpasos exclusive, DISY, Caged

In a simple event that took place in the area of ​​the small cafe in Rizokarpaso, the mothers with many children were honored and gifts were given to the students of the schools.

gifts to students exclusive, DISY, Enclovimoseni

In a statement, the Democratic Alarm expresses its gratitude to the detainees, who are said to be "a shining example for all of us who, with their composure and patience, keep the Greek element alive until the blessed day of return."

rizokarpaso2 exclusive, DISY, Caged rizokarpaso3 exclusive, DISY, Caged award of trapped mothers exclusive, DISY, Trapped