The government's measures for the detainees of Karpasia

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A series of measures to help those trapped in the occupied territories following the decision of the occupying regime to continue the quarantine in Rizokarpaso and the Holy Trinity, the Office of the Presidential Commissioner announces.

Following yesterday's decision of the occupation regime to continue the measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic in the villages where we live trapped in Karpasia (Rizokarpaso and Agia Triada), the following are announced:

1. The Council of Ministers at its meeting on 8/4/2020 decided to pay an emergency allowance for our detainees, as the food and basic necessities program cannot be implemented. The emergency aid also concerns those who have been relocated to the two villages.

2. Medicines, as well as milk and baby food, will continue, as you do to date, to be sent and distributed to our captives.

3. Arrangements were made as all the allowances of the trapped / reinstated are given to them next Wednesday through UNFIKYP during the visit of its ladder to the two villages.

4. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the teachers of our Schools in Rizokarpasso, you continue the distance learning and teaching of our students both in the High School and in the Primary School. It should also be noted that the Preventive Program "Cool After School" implemented by KESYPSY in collaboration with the Office of the Presidential Commissioner and the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority, will continue to operate through video calls until the end of the restriction period.

In addition to the above concerning our trapped and relocated people in Karpasia, our efforts to meet the needs are ongoing, but also to solve problems faced by the trapped / re-established in the Maronite villages of Kormakili, Karmostitis and Karpasia, where the ongoing food and other necessities.

The Commissioner for the Presidency and the Humanitarian Office, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, have been in contact with Community Leaders, our organized groups, our trapped / resettled and their relatives to provide any assistance they need and to resolve any issues that may arise on a daily basis. . For this reason, a support telephone line has been put into operation, on a 24-hour basis, to support them. The telephones are 22400108/22400160.

The Office assures all our trapped and relocated people in Karpasia, but also in the Maronite villages, that it remains by their side during these difficult times for what they need and asks them to comply with all the measures imposed for their own protection, but also for protection of their loved ones.

Source: Philenews