Salos with Haboula comment on Famagusta.News - Averoff condemned

Snapshot 2019 03 22 22.33.06 exclusive, Averof Neofytou, Ampelopoulia, DISY, Evgenios Hambullas, Xoverga

Salos was provoked by a comment of the former DISY Famagusta MP in Famagusta.News with the result that the President of DISY Averof Neophytou publicly condemned it.

Specifically, in yesterday's post by Famagusta.News with a press release from the activists of the CABS organization for the results from their action in the fight against the illegal hunting of wild birds, Eugenios Hamboullas, left a angry comment on the website Facebook.

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Specifically, the former MP wrote: "These are not activists but swindlers of cuckolds! Activists do not undertake missions on behalf of the police and the state. Unfortunately, the attitude of the Ministry of Justice and the police is similar to that of the British collaborators in '55! What activist deals with crimes and injustices against our people every day? No one. But we gave them the right! I respect and love the rural people of the Famagusta province! I am by your side! ”

Nevertheless, a Twitter user managed to see the initial post of Eugenios Hamboullas in which he referred with a particularly angry comment against the activists and posted it as a comment to the President of DISY.

Then the President of DISY Averof Neophytou, responded by characterizing the post as unacceptable and that he does not raise any excuse, calling on Eugenios Hamboullas to withdraw it and to apologize publicly.

Then, while Eugenios Hampoulas seems to have withdrawn his comment, Averof Neophytou came back saying that "Eugenios did well and withdrew it" and that we should all be careful not to make a comment that has nothing to do with politics. our culture ”.