A boat ran aground in shallow waters in Ayia Napa – 10 people were rescued

Grounding of a vessel with the flag of the United Kingdom in Ag. Napa

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The Search and Rescue Coordination Center announces that on June 04, 2023 at 16:25, the KSED received information about the grounding in shallow waters of the United Kingdom-flagged vessel REBECCA, with 10 on board, in the sea area of ​​Ayia Napa.

Vessels of the Port and Maritime Police and the Marina Ag. Napa, as well as volunteers with Jet Sky, who managed to get everyone on board safely to shore.

The vessel remains at its grounding point, while the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, the Department of Fisheries, as well as the Maritime Accidents and Incidents Investigation Committee have been informed for further actions of their competence.