Shocking complaint about the GN of Famagusta: They asked him to take his mother's body home because the air conditioner broke

A family made serious complaints about the Famagusta General Hospital

NOSOKOMIO exclusive

A family made serious complaints against the General Hospital of Famagusta, after they asked the son of the deceased to carry his mother's body to his home and turn on the air conditioner at a low temperature.

As the family's lawyer, Chrysanthos Lazarou, reported in Mesimeri and Kati, the deceased was found unconscious by her son on the first of February and called 112 without response.

He then called Famagusta General Hospital for an ambulance, instead he was directed to call 112 again. Finally after much effort they gave him another Ambulance Coordination Center number, with an ambulance arriving within five minutes. The nurse, after the actions he had to take, told her son his condolences because her death was established in the first instance.

Regarding the family's second complaint, in the afternoon of the same day during a statement at the Deryneia Police Station to rule out the possibility of malicious action, they called one of the deceased's children to the hospital and told him that due to his mother's body size he could not fit in the specific freezer slots and that the specially designed room currently has a problem with the air conditioner and is not working.

The minister herself then urged him to go to the hospital to pick up his mother's body in his car, instructing him to take her home and turn the air conditioner on low.