Agia Thekla: 17 myths and truths about Sun City - Giovanis: "Some people want Famagusta in the Middle Ages"

Christakis Giovanis on the counterattack for Sun City - Reveals the truth about 17 myths that are circulating - "No building coefficients exceeded"

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With a post on Social Media, Christakis Tziovanis puts things in perspective regarding what is heard about the first hotel unit of Sotiras, Sun City. At the same time, he posted 17 myths and truths about what has been heard lately by the Government but also in the Media and Social Networking Media about the hotel unit.

Read the full post of Christakis Giovanis:

"The "alleged" Sun City scandal

Much was heard and much was said about the hotel Sun City in Agia Thekla. Prejudice became hypocrisy and hypocrisy became injustice. And I'm sorry to see a newly elected president stepping unfairly on our bruised backs, to sell morality, to appease some.

But what is the truth?

They asked us not to build in width and to build in height, so as not to build a wall on the beach front. We respected them. Although unprofitable and out of plans we respected them. We built an extra floor without considering the cost difference. On the day they were supposed to approve our license and after everyone in this country gave their consent, they denied it to us because the decision was on the same day that the obscene Al Jazeera video was released. The accountability and populism in this place is unfortunately modern gangrene.

We were then advised to apply for a permit by way of derogation. Not to build more square meters than we were entitled to. But about how we would utilize the square footage that we were ALREADY entitled to. We complied and entered an endless process. New process, new hassle, new expense. They all agreed to the request. Municipalities, Town Planning, Department of Thira, Deviation Study Council etc etc. The environment department was called 3 times for opinions but they did not give opinions. The permit for Sun City was almost unanimously approved by all agencies. It was submitted to the Council of Ministers. Approved. They then asked us to pay almost half a million euros for compensatory measures. We disagreed but complied. We paid immediately. Impeccably.

But with the election of an influential President, who wanted to appease the Audit Service and the media from his own, some people found the opportunity to step on us again and proclaim morality. Some in the Audit Service and some so-called press officials, forced an entire state apparatus to meet, to meet again to find a way to appease the "press".... and the press. And while everyone behind closed doors agrees with us, they nevertheless admit that they cannot contend with the Audit Service and the media outcry. And they prefer to turn white into black, to create supposedly overriding European Regulations, in order to revoke our license.

Some want Famagusta in the Middle Ages. Some people are not bothered if the birds are flying in the skyscrapers of Limassol, if the seas smell of oil, if the environment was sacrificed in a race aimed at characterizing some areas in "Monte Carlo". And with tricks they keep the beautiful Famagusta Province, the beautiful "daughter", for others to win. Undisturbed in the spoils of the Province.

In the last 3 years, I have been and am going through a lot. With a fake video, he brought an entire country to its knees to crush me. I sat patiently and waited and waited for the vindication. But some took the silence as acceptance. They combined defense with tolerance. They took the patient patience for justification, with a blank license to beat you as they please and treat you as a scapegoat. But I can neither forgive nor swallow this injustice and dishonor they committed. And the day after tomorrow, let those who committed the dishonor explain why the tax-paying citizen will be asked to pay reparations. Let those who committed the injustice explain to the citizens of an entire Province why they wish to bury it and for whose benefit.

It scares me, that we live in a country that makes such important decisions with such trivial motives and criteria. It scares me when the highest office of the country succumbs so easily to populism.

Below are the myths and truths.

Bind the lies they tried to serve and the truth.”

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