Deryneia - Sotira Road: The signatures have fallen - When does the project start (PICTURES)

The Contract for the execution of the Project "Improvement of the Road Connecting Deryneia to Sotira" was signed today.

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The Contract for the execution of the Project "Improvement of the Road Connecting Deryneia to Sotira" was signed today, Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 08:30, in the hall of the Sotira indoor amphitheater. The Contract was signed, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, by the Senior Director of the Department of Public Works Ms. Eleni Kaskiri and on behalf of the Contractor consortium "LOIS BUILDERS LIMITED – WADE ADAMS CONTRACTING (CYPRUS) LIMITED JV." the representative Mr. Nikolas Lois.


The Project is located in the province of Famagusta within the boundaries of the Municipalities of Deryneia and Sotiras and concerns the improvement of the main central road artery that connects the two Municipalities and is of essential importance for the wider area. In addition, the Project is a proclamation of the President of the Republic himself and is a perennial request of the local community that is taking shape. Specifically, for the Famagusta District, the Nikos Anastasiadis Government has invested 220 million euros in development projects, and if we add the 2 marinas, they exceed 700 million euros.

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The Project provides for the improvement of a road connecting the two Municipalities with a length of 4 kilometers and the construction of connecting roads with a total length of 2,5 kilometers including the upgrading of infrastructure and stormwater management with the extension of a 1,4 kilometer storm drain through the core of Deryneia Municipality. Furthermore, for the protection of Lake Paralimni, which is included in the area of ​​the Natura 2000 network - CY3000008, it is foreseen to ensure the quality of the waters that end up in it, through the construction of three retention lakes including hydraulic works, appropriate facilities and equipment.

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The design of the road improvement provides for two traffic lanes and a third lane for right-turning movements where necessary and at the same time includes, construction of a closed rainwater drainage system, new Services facilities, construction of paved sidewalks, green lane, bicycle path, on-street parking spaces, pedestrian crossings, bus stops, elevated junctions, signage, signaling and road lighting and other traffic calming measures, green spaces and two level roundabouts.

The implementation of the Project is scheduled to begin in August 2022, with a duration of 30 months and a cost of €16.040.400,00 including VAT.

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Mr. Karousos stated that the improvement projects "contribute to the upgrading of road safety and functionality of the area. The creation of a modern urban street, with the construction of sidewalks, a bicycle path, a green lane, pedestrian crossings and modern street lighting, in harmony with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Famagusta, will improve traffic, strengthen the effort to promote alternative means of transportation, as well and the aesthetic upgrading and development of the area."

Mr. Nouris emphasized that projects like this "are also a response to the way of managing the economic crisis. Despite the dystopia due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine which accumulated high inflationary trends, the Government is not changing its successful strategy for exiting the recession. A strategy that was tested and succeeded in 2013 and later in the memorandum period. We invest in growth by giving the economy a breather. That's what we're doing now."