Training of Sotiras Municipality staff to serve the disabled public

The training program for the staff of the Municipality of Sotiras to serve the disabled public has been completed

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The Municipality of Sotiras, within the framework of the European program "Accessible Nature and Culture - Sustainable Tourism - In-Heritage", commissioned the company LC Educational Ltd to train the clerical and labor staff of the Municipality, which is on the front line of service for the disabled public.

The training program took place on May 3 and 4, 2023, had a training duration of 7 hours and was about the "UN Convention & Basic European Principles and Values ​​in the Management of Persons with Disabilities (Introductory)".

The seminar included staff training with references to the UN Convention, the European Principles and Values ​​in PWD management, the European Strategy 2021-2030, the concept of Disability, models of addressing Disability, accessibility of structures and services and good management practices Disabled.

The aim of the program is for the clerical and labor staff of the Municipality to acquire the necessary skills so that they can operate correctly and in accordance with European principles and values ​​and to comply with the legislation promoted by the UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities through daily practice . Also, the program aims for municipal employees to practice their profession respecting human rights, to offer better quality work regarding the management of the disabled and their families, to be able to properly and respectfully serve any citizen with a disability and to know specific practical ways and vocabulary for PWD management.

The training of the Municipality's staff complements the other actions undertaken by the Municipality within the framework of the "Accessible Nature and Culture - Sustainable Tourism - In-Heritage" program, which aim to improve the quality of life and strengthen social policy of the Municipality by upgrading the cultural and other event spaces of the Municipality so that they become accessible to people with disabilities and in general the development of structures that provide services to vulnerable population groups.