SOTIRA: The image making the rounds on the internet – “This is ok, this is ok”

The comparison between Sun City and the neighboring 100m high tower in Agia Thekla - The two meters and two stations of the state

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Two images have been making the rounds on the internet for the last few hours and understandably they can be translated in different ways regarding the development in the area of ​​Agia Thekla which seems to have no substantial planning by the state. And this because at the same time that the residents of Sotiras are protesting the revocation of the Planning Permit for the first hotel unit of the local authority, Sun City which would gain a height of 30 meters and is located outside the Natura area, at a very short distance in the same area and specifically at a distance of 480 meters, and within the Natura area, the famous and great architectural tower of the Agia Napa marina has been erected... 100 meters high!

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Of course, the Council of Ministers, when licensing the project of the Ayia Napa marina, justified its decision as "reasons of public interest", which indeed corresponds with reality, as it is a fact that the Ayia Napa marina gave "another breath" with its construction ” of development in the area of ​​Agia Thekla by attracting high prestige tourism as well as with the round-the-clock operation of the recreation centers which it hosts so that in this way the seasonality that plagues the free province of Famagusta is combated.

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On the other hand, however, one cannot overlook the fact that by revoking the Planning Permit, the Government seems to have exhausted its strictness, while other areas of the island, such as Limassol in particular, see the construction of multi-storey towers as something common on their coastal front without the construction of any of them ever receiving the same publicity as the first hotel unit expected to be acquired by Sotira with the consequent benefits of jobs and revenue from overnight stay fees and a parallel tourist upgrade of Agia Thekla.