SOTIRA: Bazaar of love in memory of Eva Fellas

At the point, visitors will have the opportunity to cut their hair and donate it in order to help people with cancer experience, while all proceeds will be given to the anti-cancer association and PASYKAF

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On the occasion of the three-month memorial of Eva Fella, who lost her life from cancer, a bazaar will be organized on Sunday 18/9/22 at 10:00am, where products such as flowers, braids, cosmetics, pictures, etc. will be sold at "Hair Salon Fotia", 49 Foti Pitta Street.


In the morning of the same day, in the same place, haircuts will be held which will be given to create wigs, while the proceeds will be given to PASYKAF.

Donate your hair and support PASYKAF's 'Change...REMINE ME' Program which provides wigs to people with cancer experience through loans!

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All proceeds will be donated to the anti-cancer association and PASYKAF.