SOTIRA: The Poetry Event was held on the occasion of World Poetry Day

A Poetry Event was held with great success on the occasion of World Poetry Day in the Municipality of Sotiras

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On the occasion of World Poetry Day on March 21, 2023, the Greek Cypriot Cultural Association - E.P.O.K. Famagusta District in collaboration with the Municipality of Sotiras held a Poetry Event at the Social Welfare Center of the Municipality of Sotiras.

In a packed hall, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy poems by 29 poets from Greece and Cyprus. After the greeting of the President of EPOK, Mr. Iraklis Zachariadis read by Kentia Markou and the short review of poetry by Giorgos Moustakas, philologist, poems were heard in the common modern Greek language as well as in the Cypriot dialect by 29 poetic voices. During of the program, songs were heard by the musicians Maria Kofou, singing and Vassilis Efstathiou, piano. The program of the event was presented by Andriani Matsiou.

Below are the names of the participating poets:

Hampis Achniotis

Vassilis Vassilakkas

Eva Georgiou

Maria Georgiou

George Giorkallos

Dimitrios Gogas

Pantelis Kakolis

Antonis Katsantonis

Georgios Katsantonis (son, Antonis Katsantonis)

Andronikos Katsiatonis

Freedom of Kouvaros

Theognosia of Kouvaros

Katerina Constantinou Matsiou

Sylvia Louka

Kosmas Oikonomou

Adelaide Papageorgiou

Ioulla Patsalidou

Yannos Peratikos


Kostas Poulakas

Kostas Rallis (daughter, Kyriaki Ralli Japan)

Petros Raftis

Sotos Siimitras

Stratoula Tramoudanis

Kostas Trokkoudis

Michalis Chapparrillas

Sotiroulla Hatjikonstantis Tsiabouri

Eleni Tyrimou

Andri Hatzizacharia

All participants and contributors of the event received an Honorary Certificate of Participation.


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