Sotira: Theatrical performance entitled "The Trial of Spring" starring young people aged 16-19

The play stars young people aged 16-19 from the Famagusta District

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"The Trial of Spring"

The Non-Profit Organization Didaskaleia Alexandria, presents the play "The Trial of Spring", starring young people aged 16-19 from the province of Famagusta.

The theatrical performance will take place on Sunday, June 19 at the Municipal Theater of Sotira at 19:30.

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A few words about the project: 

Theater touches souls and sends the strongest universal messages to both young people and society at large. Continuing its actions, which aim to actively raise awareness among young people.

The work is an adaptation of the book "Animal Lawsuit Against Humans", of a book written 1000 years ago and remains relevant.

The story of the play takes place on an island, such as Cyprus or on planet Earth and refers to a peaceful world that is corrupted and destroyed by selfish human desires. A world destroyed by its minerals and animals, full of people destroyed by greed and violence.

In the project, as soon as the animals realize the extent of human abuse, they ask people to be held accountable by going to court.

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A key message of the project's story is to point out that there is still time for reaction and that it is not too late for people to act. To make a conscious effort in order to regain their true morality and to contribute so that this world, the planet that hosts us, is back on the path of morality.

"The Trial of Spring" is a charming comedy in Greek, directed by Petros Petrou, a promising young director. The roles are played by 15 talented young actors, aged 16 to 19 and an adult. People who share the same passion for theater and the arts, finding ways to combine rehearsals with school exams. Young children who adopt in practice the moral values ​​of the project as the only way out of the chaos in which the world is today.

Πληροφορίες: Tel: 99192 816.

Teaching of Alexandria

It is a non-profit organization based in Paralimni, which was designed to implement various non-profit, cultural programs.

The main goal of the Alexandria Teaching Organization is not to promote mental culture, as this mainly concerns schools and universities, but seeks to develop the emotional perception, for which the Ancients believed that without the "heart" there can be no good people. , leaders and heroes. The "heart" had for them the role of compass and anchor, so that everyone does not end up in impassable roads.